Pendleton to open Boise Towne Square store

Portland-based Pendleton Woolen Mills plans to open a new store at Boise Towne Square.

The retailer will go into the former Go! Calendars/Books/Games/Toys space next to Sephora on the mall's lower level.

Pendleton is known for blankets and wool clothes - and opened its first store in the eponymous Pendleton, Oregon in 1896. The chain grew to more than 70 stores across the country.

Bonus fact, via Wikpedia; In 1960, a band formed as the Pendletones - named for the company's wool shirts. The group later changed its name to the Beach Boys.

Pendleton currently has an outlet store at the ghostly Boise Factory Outlets east of Boise.

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Sponsored: Prime corner lot & building for sale in SW Boise

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Southwest Boise is growing rapidly - and a rare opportunity to purchase a spacious parcel and office building has opened on a primer corner.


The 0.45 acre lot on the southwest corner of Victory and Five Mile features a 1-story Class C office building that covers 1,558 square feet on one story.

The parcel has frontage on both Victory Rd. and Five Mile Rd.  The latest traffic count on Victory is 16,208 vehicles per day - with 15,205 on Five Mile.

The recently remodeled building features a reception area plus three private offices and a waiting room, as well as two bathrooms and an extra room with kitchen setup. The office features plentiful parking.  The business was sold and the building is vacant and ready for immediate occupancy if desired.

This property is for sale by owner - with broker cooperation (4% to selling agent). 

The list price is $285,000.

Call the owner, Mary Ann Lawford, at (208) 562-8348 to schedule a showing.

The best business marketing tactic right now

After 6.5 or so years - I don't sell media anymore. After helping package solutions for hundreds of clients, with dozens of potential tactics - I've seen what works and doesn't close up.

This gives me unique perspective - and I no longer have a dog in the fight. Sure, I believe in the attributes of ads on television and on local websites - they really do work.

And I think paid search is a great tool. Same thing with programatic ads, retargeting, SEO, email and geofenceing. Once in a while even radio and an old-fashioned billboard might make sense.

But there's one thing that, in my opinion, works the best.


It's no small wonder that Facebook is eating the ad tech industry. The giant social network that nearly all adults use each week (or day, or hour...) has one advantage that just about no other type of advertising can match: tons of first-party data.

Every click or tap or like or comment leaves a breadcrumb of detail about you. While programatic advertising and email also have some of these attributes - Facebook has more of it, and is more likely to be locked to you personally.

I've seen some amazing ad campaigns perform at incredibly high levels for seriously low rates. High engagement rates, click-through rates and, frankly - business results.

Facebook's ads do not just run within its own walled-garden any longer. The social giant is branching out, using that first-party data tied to your sign-in to serve ads in a variety of apps and other locations. The reach is immense, and because the platform has so much data on its users, the ads are often highly-tailored to the end-user.

This doesn't mean that logging onto Facebook and putting your own campaign using the service's do-it-yourself tools is the best route. Because there is so much data and the task is so complex, the average business owner might struggle to put together a top-performing campaign. When I was at KTVB, I was particularly enamored at G/O Digital's ability to use a proprietary software program that sat on top of Facebook's data engine and built custom audience segments and optimization profiles.

Facebook is best at driving in-store traffic, pushing an event or selling product. It can work across the buying funnel and push a wide variety of levers for any business.

The next balloon: my own

Just more than two months ago, I announced I was leaving the KTVB News Group. I was frankly overwhelmed by the response from so many kind people. I heard from friends and family of course - but even encouraging words from folks I'd considered competitors. It was truly humbling - not a phrase I take likely.

I heard the same question more than a hundred times: "where are you really going?" The answer, which I repeated so many times was a variation of the truth: I'm not sure yet.

In that announcement I mentioned looking for the next hot air balloon. 

Now, I'm sure. After meeting with more than a dozen smart folks - I've made a decision.

I'm proud to announce Don Day Digital.

I've been lucky enough to work with lots of brands on countless projects - and look forward to leveraging my mix of talents and skills for a variety of folks in the future.

DDD will focus around a simple concept: You don't need a digital strategy, you need a strategy in a digital world.

In this venture, I will center on work in a number of connected areas: digital consulting & strategy, PR & media training, social media management & training, website development & design and content writing.

I will be teaming up with some other outstanding individuals in the space - more on that in the future.

You can see the Don Day Digital splash page at, or my full portfolio at You can contact me at or see my LinkedIn profile.

Let's get to work.