The next balloon: my own

Just more than two months ago, I announced I was leaving the KTVB News Group. I was frankly overwhelmed by the response from so many kind people. I heard from friends and family of course - but even encouraging words from folks I'd considered competitors. It was truly humbling - not a phrase I take likely.

I heard the same question more than a hundred times: "where are you really going?" The answer, which I repeated so many times was a variation of the truth: I'm not sure yet.

In that announcement I mentioned looking for the next hot air balloon. 

Now, I'm sure. After meeting with more than a dozen smart folks - I've made a decision.

I'm proud to announce Don Day Digital.

I've been lucky enough to work with lots of brands on countless projects - and look forward to leveraging my mix of talents and skills for a variety of folks in the future.

DDD will focus around a simple concept: You don't need a digital strategy, you need a strategy in a digital world.

In this venture, I will center on work in a number of connected areas: digital consulting & strategy, PR & media training, social media management & training, website development & design and content writing.

I will be teaming up with some other outstanding individuals in the space - more on that in the future.

You can see the Don Day Digital splash page at, or my full portfolio at You can contact me at or see my LinkedIn profile.

Let's get to work.