In time for Boise Startup Week, City launches tool to ease process

The City of Boise has launched a business startup tool in beta.  It comes as the independent Boise Startup week officially kicks off.

The Start Your Business tool is designed for businesses with physical locations to get of the ground - guiding them through required permits and processes.

(I tried to run Day365 through the tool, but even though it wasn't clear at the outset - it's not intended for consulting type businesses that don't yet have a public location).

Yeah I'm gonna guess Bikini Bar is a complicated process...

Yeah I'm gonna guess Bikini Bar is a complicated process...

The tool guides folks through all the different items they need to address with the City - which can be an onerous process with many departments involved.

Boise's mayor says the tool is about making it a little easier to start businesses in the city of trees.

“We know entrepreneurs are essential job creators in a vibrant economy," Bieter said in a prepared statement. "We want to do everything we can to streamline the process for starting new businesses that bolster innovative thinking and healthy competition in our community.” 

The tool is powered by a firm called Open Counter - which has municipal customers across the nation. The project is backed by a Small Business Administration grant of $50,000.