Eugene paper: Boise's Inn at 500 to copy succesful formula

The Eugene Register-Guard has a great look at the Inn at 500 Capitol - possibly the best piece on the Boise hotel thus far.

Inn at 500 is patterned on Inn at the 5th in Eugene. A few interesting tidbits:

  • Owner Brian Obie picked Boise after a study by UO business students said the city of trees was the best fit for the hotel
  • He is plotting another development after Boise
  • Prices for rooms will be $250-$500 a night, with some penthouses zooming to $750
  • Some of the rooms in the Boise hotel will be themed after the zoo -- as they overlook Zoo Boise
  • Obie has a 100-year lease on the property from Hawkins Companies

The hotel is racing for an announced December 31st opening.  It appears lots of progress must be made in the next two months - will be interesting to see if they hit the deadline.

Read the story here