Scoop: More parking appearing downtown


With the new Valley Regional Transit bus station in the basement of the City Center Plaza building, a chunk of the former Downtown Transit Mall is now abandoned.

Buses used to unload along Idaho St. from Capitol to 9th, as well as on Main St.

With the eight underground bus bays, the space along Idaho St. is no longer needed.

The City of Boise dreams of buffered bike lanes in that space, but the Ada County Highway District actually owns the roadway. For now, that means we won't be seeing any change in that direction, after ACHD decided this summer to hold off on making changes for now.

But will the lanes just remain empty?


After a query from BoiseDev, an ACHD spokesperson lays out the road ahead for the road bed.

"ValleyRide says they will return the right-of-way to (ACHD) but the details remain unsettled at the moment," the agency's Craig Quintana said Monday. "I would think a restoration of parking would be likely, independent of any bike lane decision."

It appears the details were rapidly worked out as parking was being installed Friday afternoon. 

The Downtown Transit Mall opened in 1991. Before the buses moved in, car parking lined both Main & Idaho in the area.

Another area that used to host parked cars also again soon will.  Capitol Blvd. between Main & Idaho in front of City Hall served as a temporary bus staging location while City Center Plaza was built.  It will soon get those parking spots back, as well as a buffered bike lane.