Juniper owners branch out with Bench pizza joint

Via Juniperon8th Instagram

Via Juniperon8th Instagram

Kacey Montgomery and his wife Shannon Lincoln have applied to open Pizzeria Sazio on the Boise Bench at Kootenai St. & Vista Ave.

The space was once a 7-ELEVEN store, but in more recent years served as home to Casanova Pizzeria - and for a short time to Allegrezza's Italian Cuisine.  Casanova was pushed out of the space by the building's owner for Allegrezza's - which ultimately was unsuccessful.  

Montgomery is the former owner/operator of Boise's Matador outlet on 8th Street. He and Lincoln moved on to open popular gastropub Juniper - also on 8th Street downtown.

 Lincoln wrote about the new eatery on the Boise Bench Dwellers page on Facebook. 

"We're taking over this building and re-doing the space, adding a great bar area and a bike friendly patio," Lincoln wrote on the Boise Bench Dwellers page on Facebook. "Hoping to be open before the new year."

The new Bench restaurant will be distinct from the Juniper effort.

"It will be casual, pizza and fresh pasta with quality ingredients," she wroteOur chef and crew have some great things planned. We live on the Bench and love it up here, so having a neighborhood place has been a dream for a long time. We're pretty excited."

Sazio means "full" or "satiated" in Italian - and is pronounced like "saw-Z-oh." Sounds saucy, oh! The occupancy permit notes the outlet will sell beer and wine along with the pizza. 

Sazio joins a growing of a food hub in and around the Vista Village Shopping Center (disclosure: which my family owns), with Chapala, Yokozuna Teriyaki, BBQ4LIFE and Sakana Sushi all in the locally-owned category (not to mention a number of franchise outlets).

Juniper, for its part, is already teasing the coming eatery - check out this Facebook post from earlier this week: 

Casanova has been closed more than a year, but still hopes to reopen, posting to Facebook in October that it was close to a new deal for space - but it fell through.