UPDATE: Trial of printed quilt headed for downtown soon

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A new public art installation is planned for Downtown Boise -- on the ground.

The intersection of 8th and Fulton - near the Foothills Learning Center - is set to see a printed mural project from local artist Jason Keeble. 

The project is set to be installed this spring, and will feature a multi-color zig-zag pattern in the area between the crosswalks.

"This area is in great need of a color splash," Keeble wrote in a design presentation. "This design offers a chance to brighten up the area in a fun and engaging pattern."

Keeble notes that the installation will look different depending your viewpoint.

The Boise Department of Arts & History is behind the project - with funding from Capital City Development Corporation. It is one of a number of projects along the 8th Street corridor in various stages of execution.

The art installation is a pilot test to see if it would be viable in other areas, in partnership with the Ada County Highway District.  The mural is set to remain in place for one year.

An updated design with more green and less orange and red has been provided by the Arts & History team.


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Corrects: 8th Street not 9th Street