New ice cream shop slated for Downtown Boise

The STIL - Sweetest Things In Life, is planned to open in Bodo on Broad Street in Downtown Boise next to Caffe d'Arte

The new spot would be located in the existing Snake River Winery space according to filings.

"The STIL is a locally owned, sourced and produced Artisan Ice Cream Shop with the aesthetics of a local brewery," according to a letter of intent filed with the City of Boise. "The STIL is an acronym for 'The Sweetest Things in Life' and offers unique flavors to its customers, incorporating the beer, wine and expresso (sic) also served on site into their ice cream."

Indoor seating for 12 would be supplemented by 28 outdoor seats in a newly-created sidewalk patio.

The 8th Street Marketplace area has been host to several ice cream shops over the years - most recently the Maggie Moo's outlet across the street which closed after a few years following the Bodo redevelopment project.