Boise Brewing to install working grain silo

Boise Brewing has won approval for a grain silo feature on the corner of its Downtown Boise building on Broad St. - and permits have been filed for construction.

The silo won't just add an aesthetic touch to the building - it will actually hold up to 120,000 pounds of grain used in the brewing process at Boise Brewing.  According to filings, BB currently has the grain delivered on semi-trucks, and by adding the silos, they will be able to cut 12 deliveries down to just one.

"As a community-driven company, we believe we can help improve the attractiveness of the neighborhood for new development," Boise Brewing President Collin Rudeen said in a filing letter. "The silo will both strengthen our ability to remain a long-term tenant, and add to the visual appeal for customers."

The project will also expand the current patio for the brewery. Several parking spots will be removed. The building is owned by Boise Weekly owner Sally Freeman.

The Broad St. area in front of Boise Brewing is being revamped by a coalition including CCDC and City of Boise to improve sidewalks and landscaping. 

A new pizza joint is also in the works next door at The Fowler project.

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