Bown library (!) nears completion (!)

The City of Boise's newest library at Bown Crossing has been years in the making. And by May, the community hub is set to be open. 

The Bown book bonanza joins three other branches and the main downtown library. More than just a place to pick out a dusty tome, city leaders look at the branches as places to build community - with classes, meeting space and high-speed Internet.   The branch will have 13,000 square feet of space and hold 35,000-45,000 media items (books, DVDs and the like). 

The project was funded by $7.625 million in taxpayer funds and $1 million in donations.  

The project broke ground in October, 2015 - and several opening deadlines came and went. Construction and exterior work is nearing completion, and the city promises to be open by late spring.