Skyvue Grill torn down - new project coming

Our friend Dave Fotsch snapped these pictures of the Skyvue Grill on Fairview Avenue near Orchard St. being torn down this week.  

The one-time Rockies Diner car hop location is headed to the landfill to make way for a small office park. A 5,900 square foot complex was approved through Boise's Design Review process last May. Jim Conger's Conger Management Co. is listed as the project's developer.  Conger owns an existing office project to the north of the site.  

"I was forced to proceed with this project or face the consequences of another paved parking lot turning into a used car sales business," Conger wrote in requesting design review approval of the project.

Elements of the existing sign are to remain, according to the filings - and the project will be named the "Skyvue Business Park."

SkyVue opened in the former Rockies space in 2014 - but closed after just more than a year. The space has been vacant since.