Triangular apartment building in progress near Boise State

In late-2015, we noted an apartment complex was slated for the triangular patch of land surrounded by Beacon St., Boise Ave. and Oakland Ave. near Boise State.

Now, the project is finally moving forward - with the demolition of some dilapidated homes on the ground completed over the weekend.

The unique complex would feature apartments on three sides, with parking inside the triangular-shaped courtyard.

The five-story building would feature 98 apartments, with parking for 83 cars and 98 bicycles.

"We are very excited about this particular project," architect David Ruby said during a planning and zoning meeting in late 2015. "This uniquely shaped site, which has been underutilized for years and years, is situated at a fantastic location in our community. It’s also strategically located at the geographic center of Boise State campus in the east/west direction and as the bookend to the original south Boise neighborhood; this site is particularly well suited for this type of housing project."

The building features a rooftop deck, student lounges and extensive indoor parking for bicycles. The corner at Boise and Oakland features rounded glass to provide open light to student lounges on each floor.

After design review approval last year, Ruby & the site's developer, FH Boise applied to remove the individual aparment decks - not reflected in the rendered photos.

Check out this aerial of the completed demolition, courtesy Matt Roderick at Rapid Aerial.