Historic Boise High gym to get overhaul

The Boise School District has started to work on projects funded in the recent $172.5 million bond election passage in Boise.

One of the first up is the original gym building at Boise High School - a historic Boise structure first built in 1936 - a New Deal project.

Boise School District

Boise School District

The building as it stands right now has six different floors, which aren't ADA accessible according to filings with the City of Boise - and the building only has two toilets for men and two toilets for women that are available for use by the public.

Plans call for consolidating the building down to just three levels - all accessed by a newly-installed elevator.  Crews would also add locker rooms in the basement, and public restrooms on the main level.

The school's "new" gym, which was built in 1997 - would be converted to a practice facility, with events being held primarily in the historic old gym.

Also in the plan:

  • Add seismic bracing to the brick structure from the inside
  • Clean and refinish the bricks
  • New windows added to bring in natural light
  • The existing music building will be demolished and replaced
  • The new building expansion would include architectural cues both from the original 1936 gym, as well as the more modern Frank Church Tech Center on campus
  • The newly revamped and expanded building would include
    • Basement: Wrestling room, weight room, equipment room, training room, offices, classroom, locker rooms, showers
    • First floor: 60-seat "micro theater," orchestra room, main gym, lobby, concessions
    • Second floor: band, choir, music classrooms, small practice rooms