Former Albertsons CEO's luxury pad is for sale... still screenshot screenshot

Larry Johnston came to Boise in 2001 as an exalted General Electric leader. He was supposed to give Boise-based grocer Albertsons a Six Sigma sheen and turbocharge growth.

Instead, he drove down the stock, ruffled feathers and drove the chain to a sell-off that split it in three parts in 2006.  His five years weren't great for his impact on Boise's economy (except maybe the 20 grand Albertsons paid BPD officers to guard the Albertsons corporate HQ.... really)

He left town after the selloff but still owns a giant 5,000-foot plus condo on the 16th floor of the Grove Hotel.  Zach Kyle at the Idaho Statesman showcased the condo listing - and BoiseDev has confirmed it's the condo still owned by Johnston's family trust.

$1.98 million gets you a big condo with sweeping views of Boise, a raft of bedrooms and private patios. Plus, you can put some cash in ol' Larry's pocket.