Statesman: Trio hopes to lure IKEA, In N Out


The question I get asked most often is "when are we getting an In N Out? And it's usually followed up by "what about IKEA?" 

Neither of those are imminent, but the Statesman's Audrey Dutton brings to light a little news amidst a must-read story about LeAnn Hume, Andrea Nilson & Sara Sara Shropshire of Cushman-Wakefield. 

  •  Q: Is anyone new coming in? When are we getting an IKEA?
  • Nilson: I’ve called IKEA a million times — and, yes, I have a perfect location in mind for them right now.
  • Hume: They say they need one million people in the MSA. And we’re about 680,000 now?
  • Nilson: I like to use the stats that The Village at Meridian uses. They use a draw of one million people. ... We’re working on ’em.
  • Hume: In-N-Out, we always get that question: “When is In-N-Out coming?” And that’s a distribution issue. A lot of [barriers to] entry are distribution-driven, or they have to solve that before they get in here. 


Read the full profile here. Great stuff.