Up on the rooftop: New Library gets solar panels

Photo courtesy City of Boise by Otto Kitsinger

Photo courtesy City of Boise by Otto Kitsinger

The new Library! at Bown Crossing in Boise opened this month -- and above the books and computers and other typical library fare will be an extra feature: solar panels.

Library communications manager Kevin Winslow says the project is a test, for now.

"We’re currently running a test/pilot with a couple panels to measure how much energy production we get," Winslow said. "After running the building for a year, we’ll know how much energy it consumes and have a good estimate as to how much solar production we can get per panel."

The building permit says the installation is a 2-kilowatt facility, installed by local company Bluebird Solar and Light.

If the pilot works out more solar panels may be added - with the goal of having the library having a net-zero energy rating, meaning it doesn't draw any energy from the greater power grid.

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