Plaza Seven to get revamp for hotel remodeling company

Colliers International Sales Flier Sscreenshot

Colliers International Sales Flier Sscreenshot

Boise's Plaza Seven has been purchased by Zelham, Inc. - a Garden City-based company which specializes in remodeling hotels across the country. 

The average hotel gets a revamp every seven years - and Zelham specializes in that process. The company moved to the area in 2004 "to take advantage of the quality of life and outdoor activities."  Projects the company has worked on locally include the Grove Hotel, Hampton Inn Boise Spectrum and Springhill Suites on Cloverdale Rd.

Located on Fairview Ave., Plaza Seven was constructed by KTVB Television in 1973 (hence the "7" name), and was sold by later owner Providence Journal in this 1990s, leading to a string of owners for the property.

Zelham purchased the building and will begin a renovation on the vacant first floor to house the company's corporate HQ.

The second floor is home to the studios of Scripps radio Boise (KRVB/94.9 The River, KTHI/107.1 K-Hits, KQXR/100.3 The X and KJOT/J-105), and the Idaho Nonprofit Center - both of which will remain.

The remodel is valued at $200,000.