Another week, another 'Village:' Avimor plans retail


The Avimor development north of Boise of Idaho 55 has been growing at a snail's pace over the past decade or so - but for the first time, residents may get some retail options. 

KTVB's Morgan Boydston reports Avimor hopes to break ground soon on an On The Fly convenience store and Spring Creek Brewery in the development. 

There are only about 300 homes built in the project, so traffic from folks heading north on 55 will likely have to supplant business.  

Developers say they will call it... the Village.  

Last week in a BoiseDev story about a project in Meridian called Linder Village, we noted how many developers use this name for their commercial projects. This is the second in just two weeks  

In 1949, my great grand-father founded Vista Village on the Boise bench - the first shopping center in the State of Idaho. Since then, that  moniker has been used on scores of projects, including Cole Village Shopping Center, Village at Columbia housing development, Village at Meridian, Hazlewood Village housing development in Boise, Alderwood Village in Eagle, Meadow Lake Village in Meridian... etc. 

The point isn't "oh everyone copied Vista Village."   It's clearly a generic name. But there are other creative words out there that don't promote a feeling of sameness, right? </rant>