Area near Boise to be most eclipsed over last 100 years

Courtesy Visit Idaho

Courtesy Visit Idaho

We wanted to shed some light on a new entry in the record books for Idaho

In case you're in the dark, there's an eclipse over Idaho and much of the U.S. next month.

Here's a fun fact: The eclipse will be the third time the area just north of Boise has been under the path of an eclipse in the past century - which makes it the most eclipsed area in the United States since 1917. 

The Washington Post gave some sunshine to the fact in a story earlier this month. screenshot screenshot

Old timers near Grandjean are over the moon about the eclipse. This eclipse follows similar events witnessed there in 1918 and 1945, according to the Post. Many in the Gem State also remember a 1979 eclipse that swept over North Idaho - but the partial path included the whole state.

Idahoans are going to have to throw shade at Tallahassee soon -- sunshine staters will miss this eclipse - but will take the crown for most eclipses by 2052. That area saw the eclipses in 1918 and 1970 - and will go dark again in 2052 and 2045.

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