Old Boise gets lit: New "uplights" coming to Downtown sidewalks

Courtesy OldBoise.com

Courtesy OldBoise.com

The Capital City Development Corporation will be revamping some of the streetscapes on Main Street and Capitol Blvd. Beyond the usual bricks and trees, CCDC and the City of Boise are trying something new: uplights.

CCDC put the project out to bid, and Guho Corp. got the contract to redo a variety of streetscapes throughout CCDC's districts.

Some incremental funds were set aside to install more than 40 "in ground streetlights" - small LED fixtures set into the sidewalk that will cast light up on to buildings in the Old Boise area - including the area around Goldie's, Humpin' Hannah's, Brickyard and Amsertdam Lounge that would cast up on to the buildings, highlighting the architecture of some of Boise's oldest structures.

The project will cost about $55,000 in funds from CCDC's coffers.

The lights will be maintained by a company controlled by Old Boise owner Clay Carley.