Up in the air: City of Boise installs new City Hall art piece (see time lapse)

Downtown Boise is getting a new high-profile art piece as part of the revamp of the plaza in front of City Hall.

"Cottonwoods" is designed to look like a grove of Cottonwood trees, with "silhouettes (that) will change profiles as people pass by and with the shifting of sunlight."

The metal structures are more than two stories tall, with seven in all. They will be lit at night by uplights embedded in the ground

The plaza revamp project is being funded by $3.8 million in taxpayer dollars - including $1.2 million from the Capital City Development Corporation and $2.6 million from the city's general fund. It should wrap up this fall.

The City of Boise's Department of Arts & History commissioned the piece.  

An interactive water feature is also being installed in place of the leaking fountain once featured on the plaza.