With update to Capital Terrace retail, what will happen to the garage?


Last month, BoiseDev reported the retail portion of the dated-looking Capital Terrace building would get updated.

The building actually has two owners - with the retail areas under the ownership of Hawkins Co. - they are behind the main building update.  But the parking garage itself is owned by the Capital City Development Corporation.  That agency actually renamed the garage with its new naming scheme - it will soon be known as the Capitol & Main garage.

CCDC officials tell BoiseDev they may do some "affordable improvements" in 2018 or 2019.  That won't be a renovation or major revamp like is happening on the retail part of the building, but could include new paint and what they call minor affordable improvements.

Officials with CCDC say they are happy to see the upgrades from Hawkins Co., and also appreciate the former owners the Roper family for taking a chance on building the retail in the first place during the 1980s.

Capital Terrace to get modern update (finally)