Could Boise be prime for Amazon?


Amazon announced this week that it plans to build a massive second headquarters - which could grow to be even larger than the booming corporate campus in Seattle. 

The Treasure Valley loves its identity of a corporate hub - including Albertsons and Micron, classics Boise Cascade and Ore-Ida and upstarts like T-Sheets. 

Amazon will be a huge get for some area - with 50,000 high-paying ($100,000 plus) jobs and billions in capital expenditures in coming years.  

But it won't be coming to Boise.  

Despite all the great attributes of SW Idaho, no area in the Treasure Valley actually meets the specifications Amazon put forth in its request for proposal. Namely: 

  • Not within 45 minutes of an international airport. BOI does not serve any non-domestic locations, and despite gains its flight selection is still pretty limited. 
  • No on-site mass transit.  
  • The Boise metro area hasn't hit 1-million residents yet, and won't for a while. The current population for the Boise MSA is about 676,000.  

No amount of creative incentives or recruiting efforts will overcome falling short of the RFP requirements.