City tries out new Greenbelt signs

A directional sign on the Boise Greenbelt is a trial - part of a plan that could expand if funding is found.

BoiseDev friend Wade Dorrell noticed the sign, which includes a colorful map of the Greenbelt, plus directional arrows to nearby attractions near the Main Post Office.

"This sign is a prototype that was installed over a year ago," Boise Parks and Rec Communication Manager Bonnie Shelton said.  It is part of a wayfinding plan by the City of Boise that includes "portions of the Greenbelt including Americana to Broadway and Julia Davis Park."

Shelton says for now there is no funding to roll out more signs - and the prototype is helping the parks and rec team see how materials hold up etc.

The Capital City Development Corporation is also working on a wayfinding plan for the Downtown Boise core and gateways to the city that is in the testing phase. Shelton says this is separate from the effort but the signage carries a similar design.

Header photo courtesy Wade Dorrell