McCall Moxie gives way to Payette Dream

With the number of locations for Moxie Java continuing to dwindle, the chain's outpost on Payette Lake on a prime corner in McCall has closed.

In its place is locally-owned Payette Dream Coffee House, which has expanded its offerings to inlcude breakfast items like breakfast burritos, omelettes and waffles.

The owners have also expanded the small ice cream counter and are emphasizing this offering with new decor, an increased selection and signage. The coffee house has a prime location just a few feet from popular Ice Cream Alley which often has a long wait time.

The owners have even bigger dreams - they are currently remodeling the old Country Treasures space next door for the future Payette Dream diner.  Build out on the diner is underway. And around the corner they hope to open Payette Dream arcade.