FRY FIGHT! Dueling potato giants hope to load you up with free Fry Day fries Friday

If you're like the average spud, you love French fries, unless you're a tater hater of course.

This Friday, for Fry Day, you can get free fries... for days.

Not one but two events will slice up spuds, fry 'em up and give them out to the masses.

JR Simplot Co. will host its second annual Free Fry Day in the grassy area near its headquarters and JUMP. The event runs from 4-7pm and benefits the Idaho Foodbank


But competitor Lamb Weston, based in Eagle, isn't taking the fry fight with a grain of salt! 

It will host I Love Fries just a few blocks away on the Basque Block from 3-6pm. It will also benefit the Idaho Foodbank, and a $5 donation is requested. The L-W event will also appeal to the crowd with a photo booth and live music.

Each tuber titan has prizes to give away. For Simplot it's a "#Frydaho" T-Shirt for a $15 donation. Lamb Weston will give someone free fries for a year.

So this Friday, grab your spuddy buddy and head out for some free fries. Anyway you slice it, donations for the Idaho Foodbank aren't small potatoes.

We will continue working to get to the root of this story. Now if you'll excuse me, after writing all these horrible puns, my brain is fried.