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First plan shows Boise State baseball field

Future site of a proposed Boise State baseball field. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

Future site of a proposed Boise State baseball field. Photo: Don Day/BoiseDev

BoiseDev has obtained the first plan for a new baseball stadium on the Boise State University campus.

The site plan shows a field being constructed on Beacon Street between Euclid Ave. and Denver Ave.

The Idaho State Board of Education approved up to $500,000 in funds for initial design and planning for the new field during a meeting in Idaho Falls last month.


According to documents filed with that SBOE approval, the complex would include an artificial turf field, plus team dugouts, bleacher seating, press box, restrooms, a perimeter fence or wall plus netting. The site plan also shows room to park about 200 cars.


The school told the State Board of Education the first phase of the ballpark would cost $8 million to $10 million.

In a recording of the Boise State Legends podcast with Idaho Press Boise State beat writer BJ Rains in May, outgoing Boise State president Bob Kustra said the plan is just the first phase, and additional facilities like locker rooms and upgraded dugouts could be on the horizon.

The turf for the field could be blue, an idea promoted by coach Gary Van Tol. Kustra told Rains the idea isn't out of the possibility - though the site plan shows a traditional green outfield.

To pay for the first phase, the school said it would "convey two parcels of land in the Lusk District of Boise to a developer plus approximately $3.5 million in cash in exchange for development of the field and associated spaces." The document did not say which parcels or who the developer is.

The Lusk Street neighborhood is quickly redeveloping with a spate of student apartment complexes and other businesses. According to property records, the Idaho State Board of Education owns two parcels in the area, the site of a former ITT Technical Institute campus and a parking lot at the corner of Capitol Blvd. and Royal Blvd.

In the Idaho Press podcast, Kustra teased the development arrangement.

“We have just agreed on a plan with a developer to build that stadium," Kustra told Rains. "We have a very attractive way of dealing with this, that one might argue that doesn’t place… a huge burden on athletics.”

Due to the upcoming holiday, Boise State communications officials were not available for comment.

To make way for the field, about a dozen buildings would have to be razed. The school owns the most but not all of the parcels that would make up the new facility.

To complete the project as envisioned, Grant Ave. between Beacon St. and Belmont St. would close, as well as Belmont St. as well between Euclid and Denver.

“There was a lot of calculation on where that field would be with the sun and everything," Kustra told Rains. "I think it’s a great location. I think it’s going to be an integral part of our athletic facilities. It’s only three blocks from the football stadium.”


A new marquee on Broadway: Boise State to replace old sign


The large reader-board display for Boise State University on Broadway Ave. near the Boise River has seen better days.

Members of the Boise State Spirit Squad pose in front of the sign in December, 2015 - just shortly before it was turned off in time for reconstruction of the Broadway Bridge.

Members of the Boise State Spirit Squad pose in front of the sign in December, 2015 - just shortly before it was turned off in time for reconstruction of the Broadway Bridge.

The sign still carries a logo replaced by the school in 2012, and has seen its digital reader board turned off since early 2016.

A new, updated sign will feature a more contemporary look, with enhanced digital display board and current branding.

Boise State University Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing Greg Hahn says the new sign " is designed to reflect the campus look and feel through the brick pattern, which can be seen across campus, and that silver/aluminum accent from buildings like the student union building and environmental research building."

The updated sign is proposed to be slightly taller - 30' 11" versus the current 26' structure.  It will be slightly less wide, 17' 7" versus 21' 4" currently. The inset reader board would also be slightly larger.

Hahn notes the digital board won't feature video images - just stills - due to its placement on Broadway Ave., which is a state highway. 

"We have used it in the past to advertising big events on campus, Morrison Center, Taco Bell, athletics, big days on campus," he said.

The sign must pass the permitting process with the City of Boise.

The marquee originally had a twin on Capitol Blvd. near the Towers Dorm. Both signs were originally sponsored by First Security Bank which covered installation costs totaling about $160k per sign, according to the Arbiter in 1984.  The Capitol Blvd. sign was removed as part of a push to improve the visual coridoor from the Boise Depot to Idaho Statehouse.

See a photo of the marquee shortly after installation in the Boise State photo archives.

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