Candidates backed by Boise's mayor take GBAD seats

Courtesy Ada County elections  

Courtesy Ada County elections  

The Greater Boise Auditorium District will have a new director after an election victory by political novice Kristin Muchow.  

Muchow and current director Hy Kloc were the top two vote getters in the GBAD election Tuesday, in a pool system where the top two take seats.   

Muchow, a manager at local firm Meeting Systems Inc., beats out GBAD incumbent Judy Peavey-Derr for one of the two seats. Muchow received an endorsement and large campaign contribution from Boise Mayor Dave Bieter. Bieter previously ran against, and beat, Peavey-Derr in his reelection bid for mayor in 2015. 

Muchow received campaign contributions from Bieter's campaign account for $1,000, city councilor Scot Ludwig and his wife for a combined $1,500, as well as smaller contributions from city councilor Ben Quintana and mayor's office staffer Diana Lachiondo. Muchow raised more than $18,000 for the race. 

Kloc was also backed by a $1,000 contribution from Bieter's campaign war chest, as well as $250 from city councilor and state senator Maryann Jordan's campaign fund and $250 from city councilor Lauren McClean. He also had the backing of CCDC commissioners John Hale and Dana Zuckerman. Kloc raised about $10,000. 

Peavey-Derr listed just two donations totaling $300. 

A fourth candidate, Scott Mecham, raised just $100.  

Turnout for the election was 5.4%.