Complete: JR Simplot Co. HQ

  • Type: Corporate HQ - nine stories, 32,500 sq. ft.

  • Status: Complete

  • Location: 10th & Myrtle

  • Estimated cost: $0

  • Developer: JR Simplot Co.

  • Notes: Includes future restaurant/retail space, large outdoor screen facing JUMP

  • Photo: Adamson Associates

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Boise City Hall Plaza

  • Type: Public park
  • Status: Under construction

  • Location: City Hall, on Capitol Blvd. side

  • Estimated cost: Unknown

  • Developer:  City of Boise

  • Notes: Earlier plans for a a fountain fizzled. Project delayed due to construction of City Center Plaza which moved bus parking to the lane in front of the plaza. Current plans would convert largely brick plaza to one with grass and trees, with the removal of the fountain which is leaking at a subterranean level. A new water feature would be featured.

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Complete: City Center Plaza

  • Type: Office building, retail, restaurant, classrooms, transit center

  • Status: Complete

  • Location: Main at 8th St.

  • Estimated cost: Unknown

  • Developer: Gardner Co., VRT, CCDC, GBAD

  • Notes: Includes Clearwater Analytics HQ, Boise State computer science department, Valley Regional Transit station, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Gyro Hut - attached to Boise Centre East which includes convention space, garage parking and retail. Associated with Grove Plaza redevelopment and new walkway. Includes rebranding of US Bank Plaza as US Bank Building.

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